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Biometric and Facial Recognition Devices

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Clocking Systems, Turnstiles and Access Control

Utilize various access control methods such as turnstiles and breathalyzers to optimize your savings.

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Horus H1

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, efficient workforce management is crucial for success. The Horus H1 emerges as a game-changer, offering a multi-functional handheld portable terminal designed for seamless integration of advanced technologies.
The Horus H1’s embedded GPS chip makes it an ideal choice for attendance tracking, while its support for diverse communication protocols
enhances attendance methods for various industries.[…]

Time Ticker

We are excited to present Time Ticker, a groundbreaking function within BioSyn redefine time tracking and productivity management. Also empowers organizations with a comprehensive and real-time understanding of how time is utilized across projects, tasks, and teams.
By enabling accurate tracking of time spent on specific activities, this powerful feature offers valuable insights into resource allocation and project timelines.
By enabling accurate tracking of time spent on specific activities[…]

Understanding Time and Attendance & Payroll

Time and attendance and payroll integration is a concept discussed during every time and attendance consultation session. Whether your company is implementing a new clocking system or looking to upgrade an existing one, your integration with a payroll system plays a pivotal role in your decision of selecting both a time and attendance and a payroll system.. […]

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