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Time and Attendance

The BCEA register is your first stop for Time and Attendance in South Africa. The flaws with a manual entry clock registry are countless and we would of course not recommend it.

Employees can write down clock times for each other and you have no way to control this. It is a cheap solution though. But cheap buys cheap. We will look at the more advanced rules a proper time and attendance system can provide below..

Understanding Time and Attendance and Payroll

Time and attendance and payroll integration is a concept discussed during every time and attendance consultation session. Whether your company is implementing a new system or looking to upgrade an existing one, your integration with a payroll system plays a pivotal role in your decision of selecting both a time and attendance and a payroll system.. […]

Time and Attendance

What is Time and Attendance and is it compulsory to keep an attendance register? The Basic Conditions of Employment Act ( BCEA ) stipulates that employers must record the working hours of all employees in an attendance register, sometimes referred to as a timesheet or time logbook. A Time and Attendance Solution provides data on […]

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