Time and Attendance solutions – What is Time and Attendance and is it compulsory to keep an attendance register?

The Basic Conditions of Employment Act ( BCEA ) stipulates that employers must record the working hours of all employees in an attendance register, sometimes referred to as a timesheet or time logbook.

A Time and Attendance Solution provides data on normal times worked, overtime worked, data on annual leave balances left for a specific period, sick leave etc.

It includes rules to absenteeism, how an employee is eligible for leave, time to report for work, number of hours expected to work and the duration of break times, when employee’s leave early or arrive late.

It is quite essential to manage attendance, to ensure which employees are working and which employees are on leave, to have a clear understanding of what is happening in your company day by day.

Time and Attendance solutions

As an employer / employee, you need to think twice about a Time and Attendance system as being a policing system only.

Keeping track of working hours offers several benefits for employers and employees;

Payroll Integration
  • TIME AND ATTENDANCE ensures that an employee does not work more hours than prescribed by labor legislation
  • The regulation of working hours is aimed at promoting the health and safety of employees by receiving adequate rest periods.
  • TIME AND ATTENDANCE keeps track of all overtime hours worked ensuring correct payment of salaries/ wages. Both employer and employee are covered by this accurate data.
  • TIME AND ATTENDANCE keeps track of all overtime hours worked ensuring correct payment of salaries/ wages. Both employer and employee are covered by this accurate data.
  • TIME AND ATTENDANCE Solutions focuses on improving Company pro ts by saving 5-15% on your company’s salary bills with correct time keeping and payments made at t he end of each term.

Transaction / Entry history is kept should any queries arise and can be used in any CCMA cases.

TIME AND ATTENDANCE can be a motivator to increase positivity and obtain bonusses with good clocking behaviors as regular attendance and punctuality optimizes productivity.

All data is readily available, sufficient fata enables the company to make cost effective decisions and determine best practices for optimizing the workforce. Data concluded on the TIME AND ATTENDANCE solution can determine if the business is on the correct track for growth.

  • TIME AND ATTENDANCE helps illuminate unproductive employees, and for employers to take proactive action with employees that are slacking
  • Showing up at work on time improves relationships and develops a reputation for quality and dependable work.
Time and Attendance solutions
Access Control

A TIME AND ATTENDANCE Solutions makes retrieving data so much easier. No need for a Manual register anymore when you can have and Automated Solution installed. Automated Solutions have made it a lot easier to manage attendance of employees in large organizations.

By exporting to your payroll or having a direct integration saves a lot of administrative hours. No human error involved.

No need to waste your time overlooking attendance hours, or calculating false data provided by manual entries. Once you use a automated system, you will see a difference in overtime payments during month one.

Let go of the Manual TIME AND ATTENDANCE System and go Touchless in 2023.

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