Time and Attendance in South Africa - Clocking systems in South Africa

The BCEA Register

The BCEA register is your first stop for Time and Attendance in South Africa. The flaws with a manual entry clock registry are countless and we would of course not recommend it.

Employees can write down clock times for each other and you have no way to control this. It is a cheap solution though. But cheap buys cheap. We will look at the more advanced rules a proper time and attendance system can provide below.

Time and Attendance in South Africa
Time and Attendance Wellness

BE careful when you choose a provider.

The sensitivity of time and attendance

A clock system can cause havoc in a company. If the system does not cater for all your shift requirements, your data could be a mess. This means that the export file to your payroll system will include incorrect values. If the system calculates faulty overtime, you might sit with an employee strike on your hands.

The system could further force you to make modifications by hand. This leaves room for plenty more mistakes. The manual modifications can eat up countless hours of your HR Personnel. The correct clock system can thus save a lot of HR personnel hours, and so provide accurate payroll data.

Time and Attendance in South Africa Advanced

Let’s have a look at a few of the important and more difficult time and attendance rules to use in a system:

  • Shift Splits

    The ability of the system to split normal time into overtime. The split applies on Saturdays, Sundays and Paid Public Holidays at 00h.

  • Shift Weights or Automatic Shift Selection

    The purpose of the time and attendance system is to reduce manual labor for your personnel. This disappears when you have to assign shifts by hand.

  • 24+ Hour Shifts

    Accommodating drivers who often work 24+ hour shifts in the transport industry.

  • Night Bonus

    Bonus time or units that assigned for working nights out.

  • Paid Public Holidays

    The capability of the system to automate paid public holidays.

  • Employee Scheduling or Rostering

    The ease and automation of rostering or employee scheduling.

Shift Splits

Any company who has employees working night shifts over weekends need this rule. Lets look at an employee who starts to work on a Friday at 18h and works till Saturday 06h. The initial 6 hours from Friday 18h to Saturday 00h must link to normal time. The second half worked from Saturday 00h to 06h must link to overtime 1.5.

The same applies when working from Saturday 18h to Sunday 06h. The initial 6 hours from Saturday 18h to Saturday 00h must link to overtime 1.5. If it is the case, the second half worked from Sunday 00h to 06h must link to overtime 2.0.

You will sit with a lot of headaches if your time and attendance system can not perform this calculation. So your HR personnel would need to spend a lot of hours correcting values. This can cause a lot of mistakes in your payroll hours. If automated, there will be zero possibilities of making mistakes on these calculations.

Shift Weights or Automatic Shift Selection

Many clock systems need a reasonable amount of manual intervention to identify shifts. Automatic shift selection can reduce the strain on your payroll personnel. Lets look at a few automatic shift selection options in BioSyn:

Option 1: Shift Clash Weight

The system measures the total “clash” period between clock entries and shifts. The system will use the shift with the biggest weight.

Option 2: Distance to Start/End Times

The system will move on to option 2 if there are many shifts with an equal weight. The system will now calculate the distance between the clock entry and the shift start and end times.

Option 3: Nearest shift selected

The third option selects shifts based on previous selections. BioSyn implements this rule if many shifts with an equal start/end distance is identified. BioSyn identify a shift based on shift selections around the clock entries. Using these options ensures close to 99% accuracy on automatic shift selection. In result, BioSyn reduces manual shift selection to virtually zero.

24+ Hour Shifts

BioSyn eases your burden with 24, 48, 72+ hour shifts. Lunch hours and night bonuses is a headache if it is not implemented properly. BioSyn has no limit on the maximum required hours of a shift.

Night Bonus

BioSyn implements a wide range of night bonus options. Options include the ability to give unit-based allocations for nights out. Optionally give night out bonus based on hours worked in full or partial.

Paid Public Holidays

Paid public holidays can be such a nightmare! BioSyn provides a proper range of options to implement paid public holidays. BioSyn spreads options across the company, departments or employees. This gives you a strong foundation for paid public holiday implementations.

Employee Scheduling or Rostering

Employee scheduling can be exceptionally time consuming. BioSyn eases the burden with an easy to scheduling page. BioSyn also includes automated rostering based on sales data. Many of our clients contribute to our development process when it comes to rostering.

Time & Attendance and Payroll

A powerful consideration, exporting to payroll

Payroll Integration and Time and Attendance in South Africa

A critical consideration is the integration capability of the time and attendance system.  There are numerous payroll systems that integrate with time and attendance in South Africa. Read our blog about Understanding Payroll Integration. Direct integration must be your preference. Stronger integration with regards to employees, leave and hours will reduce administration hours. Read more on Export to Payroll.

Servicing a Time and Attendance system in South Africa


Our final focus point is your support for clocking systems. Since time and attendance systems are a sensitive part of your business, support plays a crucial role. Identify a strong support team when selecting a time and attendance provider. Working with payroll data should not done by anyone.

BioSyn believes that back-end data administration must remain with the clock system provider. This allows your Payroll personnel to focus on their primary tasks only. It is difficult to identify the support strength of a company beforehand. But looking at their current client base should be a strong indicator.

Become a reseller

Choosing a Time and attendance software provider in South Africa

There are a lot of considerations when selecting your provider. Make sure you consider all the aspects before making your final decision. A trial period is always a great way to test a time and attendance provider before your final commitment. Make sure to have a deep look at the client-base of the provider. Examples of reports and statistics will give you a clear sign of the strength of the system.

Contact BioSyn if you are unsure or need advice on your next steps!