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Integrating PSIber and Time & Attendance through BioSyn. PSIber is a payroll solution that includes ESS integration. They offer a comprehensive range of features when it comes to HR and payroll. It includes powerful recording and reporting capabilities that will help you manage your business. Visit PSIber here for more information on their service offering. There is a great team standing ready to assist you at affordable pricing.
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Payroll Integration

Let's revisit direct integration

PSIber and Time & Attendance - Direct Payroll Integration

We touched base on direct payroll integration with our article “Understanding Time and Attendance and Payroll Integration”. Direct integration allows you to manage your data in one location only. When adding an employee or leave in one system, it is immediately available in the other. This reduces the potential for manual entry mistakes to almost zero. Direct integration will also reduce the hours your HR spends on data administration. We would recommend any client consider direct integration above any other.

Benefits of PSIber Integration

What are the benefits?

Pull your payroll data on setup. Ensuring no manual intervention is required to set up your time and attendance system.
  1. Only add employees and leave in one system.
  2. Eliminate manual intervention between two systems.
  3. Have the backing of strong time and attendance and payroll support teams.
  4. Enjoy the powerful rule sets of BioSyn for time & attendance, with the efficiency of PSIber.
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Free time and attendance

Do you have 10 employees or less?

Looking for free time and attendance?

Experience the amazing benefits of  integration with BioSyn FREE. Add employees in either one of the two systems, and they will immediately be available in the other! BioSyn FREE is a great solution for a small or start up business.
Choose between a R150 per month or hourly billed support contract.

PSIber and Time & Attendance - in Conclusion

Direct integration will give you peace of mind beyond your expectations. Utilise full bi-directional* integration between BioSyn and PSIber. Switch between push or pull* to select which system serves as your base data system. Contact us today if you want more information on how you can obtain this great feature. Clocking system freedom might only be one phone call away.
Enjoy the best time and attendance system!

BioSyn will lift your spirits every month when it comes to payroll dates. Enjoy complete automation of all your clock system rules and payroll calculations. Don’t hesitate, start today!