How-to bypass admin on your ZKTeco - F17 Biomettric Device

ZKTeco – F17 – How-To bypass an Admin.

Step 01

On the left side of the F17 there is a rubber flap. Open it up and find the little hole for the reset underneath the USB input. Take the end of a Paperclip and press it inside to push the reset button. The scanner will then restart.

How-To bypass Admin

Step 02

When the scanner is back on and the home screen appears, start pressing the Menu button fast and continuously for about 40 seconds. It will eventually just go into the Menu Section.

 Now you can go and change the password for the Administrator.

How-To bypass Admin

Step 03

Select User Manage and then Press OK.

How-To bypass Admin

Step 04

Select Enroll Admin and Press OK.

How-To bypass Admin

Step 05

Select Enroll Pwd (Password), then Press OK.

How-To bypass Admin

Step 06

Scroll down to Admin and then Press OK.

How-To bypass Admin

Step 07

You will then be asked if it is a New Enroll which in this case is not, so Press the ESC (Escape) button.


Step 08

Then Enter the Pin Code (6 Digits) of the administrator you want to change the password for, and Press OK.


Step 09

Input the New Password and Press OK.


Step 10

Affirm the New Password, then Press OK.


Step 11

Press OK to Save.


Step 12

You will then be asked if you want to continue with the change, then Press OK

When back on this page, just Press the ESC (Escape) button till you reach the Home Screen. Now you can ask the employee to type in his clock code and press OK, then input his new password and Press OK again to clock IN/OUT.