How-to delete user from your ZKTeco - F17 Biometric Device

ZKTeco – F17 – How-To delete a user.

Step 01

Press the Menu Button

How-To delete user

Step 02

If you do not have an Admin Password setup, continue to Step 5

If you have an Admin password set up, it will show Admin Affirm 1 –

Start typing your Code/Pin, for example 999999.

How-To delete user

Step 03

After you entered the Code/Pin, Press OK.

How-To delete user

Step 04

Enter your password using the keypad and then Press OK.

How-To delete user

Step 05

You are now in the MENU section. For this task, we will select User Manage and then Press OK.

Step 06

Select Delete and Press OK

Step 07

Enter the ID/Clock Code you want to delete and then Press OK. It will ask about 3 times if you want to delete, just Press OK each time, until complete.