ZKTeco - Horus E1-FP

ZKTeco - Horus E1-FP - Technical

ZKTeco – Horus E1-FP – Technical: Revolutionizing Time and Access Control

The Horus series is a new-age time and attendance terminal that leverages the latest visible light facial recognition and palm recognition technology. Developed by ZKTeco, a prominent player in the biometric industry, the Horus series is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and delivering top-notch solutions.

The terminal is compact in size yet packs a punch with its powerful facial recognition technology, capable of recognizing a face from up to 3 meters away and with a ±30 degree pose angle tolerance. It is also highly secure, with an anti-spoof ability that is unparalleled in the industry.

Horus E1-FP - Specifications

The terminal supports multiple communication protocols, including Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, and Bluetooth, and can be easily integrated into networks worldwide. It also has optional fingerprint and RFID card modules, making it a versatile solution for time and attendance tracking. The terminal can store up to 10,000 facial templates and is compatible with ZKTeco’s all-in-one security and time attendance platform ZKBioSecurity and BioTime.

Under the hood, the Horus series boasts a quad-core CPU that runs at 1.5GHz and runs on Android 8.1. It has 2GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM, which provides ample memory to store data and run applications. The terminal features a 2MP dual camera, 720*1280 IPS touch LCD, and a speaker that produces a clear 90 DB sound. The terminal can be powered by a 12V 2A power source and operates optimally within the temperature range of -10°C to 50°C and humidity range of 20% to 80%RH.

In conclusion, the Horus series is a cutting-edge time and attendance terminal that provides high-speed and accurate facial recognition. With its compact size, powerful technology, and versatile features, the Horus series is the ideal solution for companies looking to streamline their time and attendance tracking processes.