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ZKTeco - ProFaceX (TI) - Integration

ZKTeco – ProFaceX (TI) – Integration: Revolutionizing Time and Access Control

The ProFace X [TI] is a new and improved version of the popular ProFace product line designed for businesses of all sizes. This biometric security solution uses advanced facial recognition technology and computer vision to ensure the highest level of accuracy and speed. The device can recognize faces and palms, eliminating hygiene concerns through contactless recognition technology, and also has the added feature of body temperature detection and masked individual identification.

The facial recognition capabilities of the ProFace X [TI] are second to none, with a maximum of 50,000 facial templates, recognition speeds of less than 0.3 seconds per face, and ultimate anti-spoofing ability. The 3-in-1 palm recognition technology performs recognition in 0.35 seconds per hand, with a maximum of 5,000 palm templates.


The ProFace X [TI] is equipped with a 900 MHz Dual Core CPU, 512 MB RAM, and 8 GB flash storage, making it a powerful and efficient security solution. The device also features a large 8″ highlight IPS touch LCD, 2 MP WDR low light camera, and adjustable light brightness LED. The device supports multiple communication protocols, including TCP/IP, Wiegand input/output, Wi-Fi, RS485, and RS232.


The ProFace X [TI] is also compatible with a variety of security software and hardware, including ZKBioSecurity and ZKBioAccess software, and security relay boxes, Wiegand, RS485, and RS232 slave readers. The device also has a range of special functions, including high speed facial verification, HTTPS communication encryption, event snapshots, and body temperature detection.


The ProFace X [TI] is designed to work in a range of temperatures, from 16°C to 35°C, with a humidity level of up to 93%. The device is compact and lightweight, measuring 279mm x 143mm x 27mm and weighing 853g. The operating voltage is 12V DC, with a current draw of less than 2,000 mA.

In conclusion, the ProFace X [TI] is a powerful and versatile security solution that offers advanced facial and palm recognition technology, fast recognition speeds, and contactless recognition technology to ensure the highest level of security and hygiene. With its compatibility with a range of security software and hardware, and its range of special functions, the ProFace X [TI] is a must-have security solution for businesses of all sizes.