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ZKTeco - SpeedFace MINI - Technical

ZKTeco – SpeedFace MINI – Technical: Revolutionizing Time and Access Control

The SpeedFace MINI Time and Attendance Terminal is an innovative device that combines facial recognition and palm recognition for secure and efficient identification. It is equipped with a visible light facial recognition system that has an anti-spoofing algorithm that can detect and prevent various types of attacks such as print attacks, video attacks and 3D mask attacks. The device supports multiple verification methods, including face, palm, card and password, and is compatible with different types of card modules including 125kHz ID card (EM) and 13.56MHz IC card.

The terminal has a 4” touch screen display and a large capacity of 800 face templates and 800 palm templates. The touchless palm authentication method uses a novel hand tracking technique that allows for an angle tolerance of +/-60° in the roll axis and a recognition distance of 50cm. This ensures fast and accurate identification of users.

The SpeedFace MINI is powered by a 900MHz dual-core CPU, 512MB RAM and 512MB flash memory. It also features a 2MP binocular camera and adjustable LED supplement lighting for clear images. The device has various communication options including TCP/IP, USB Host, WiFi, Wiegand Input/Output and RS485, making it easy to connect to different systems.

In addition to the standard functions such as ID Card, ADMS, T9 Input, DST, Camera, 9-digit User ID, Access Levels, Groups, Holidays, Anti-passback, Record Query and Tamper Switch Alarm, the SpeedFace MINI also has multiple verification methods and palm recognition capabilities. The device also supports WiFi connectivity, making it easy to remotely manage the system.

The SpeedFace MINI is powered by a 12V 3A power supply and can operate in a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels, making it suitable for use in different environments. It measures 72.94 * 157.94 * 23mm and weighs 260g, making it compact and portable. The device is supported by ZKBioSecurity software, ensuring that users have access to the latest updates and features.