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ZKTeco - SpeedFace V5L - Technical

ZKTeco – SpeedFace V5L – Technical: Revolutionizing Time and Access Control

The SpeedFace-V5L [TI] is a cutting-edge visible light facial recognition terminal that has been fully upgraded from the previous version, the SpeedFace-V5L [TD]. This device combines thermal imaging and intelligent facial recognition algorithms with the latest computer vision technology to offer a fast and accurate means of verification. It supports both facial and palm recognition, improving security performance across the board.

The SpeedFace-V5L [TI] uses touchless recognition technology and new functions like temperature detection and masked individual identification, which effectively eliminates hygiene concerns. Its ultimate anti-spoofing algorithm makes it virtually impossible for fake photos or videos to bypass the facial recognition process. With a maximum palm capacity of 3,000 templates, the device can perform 3-in-1 palm recognition (palm shape, palm print, and palm vein) in just 0.35 seconds per hand.

The device is ideal for reducing the spread of germs and preventing infections at access points of any premises and public areas, including hospitals, factories, schools, commercial buildings, and stations. With fast and accurate body temperature measurement and masked individual identification functions during facial and palm verification, the SpeedFace-V5L [TI] offers a high level of security.

The device boasts a 5-inch touch screen display, a 900MHz dual-core CPU, and memory of 512MB RAM and 8G flash. It has a 2MP WDR low-light camera and adjustable LED light brightness. Communication options include TCP/IP, WiFi (optional), Wiegand input/output, and RS485. The device also includes hardware features like 3rd party electric lock access control interface, door sensor, exit button, alarm output, and auxiliary input.

In terms of specifications, the device has a face capacity of 6,000, a maximum transaction capacity of 200,000, and supports ZKFace V5.8, ZKFinger V10.0, and ZKPalm V12.0 biometrics algorithms. It operates with a 12V 3A power supply and can function in humidity levels between 10% and 90%, with an operating temperature of 16°C to 35°C (60.8°F to 95.0°F). The dimensions of the device are 92.0 * 262 * 23.5 (mm). The SpeedFace-V5L [TI] is compatible with ZKBioAccess software.