IDEMIA Biometric Devices

IDEMIA is a global leader in identity technologies, specializing in building future-proof solutions that secure billions of frictionless interactions in both the physical and digital worlds. Since its founding, IDEMIA has been on a mission to unlock the world and make it safer through cutting-edge identity technologies.

Pioneering Secure Identity Technologies

IDEMIA is a global leader in identity technologies, dedicated to developing cutting-edge solutions that secure seamless interactions in both physical and digital realms. By combining biometrics, cryptography, systems, data analytics, and smart devices, IDEMIA creates secure and frictionless experiences for consumers and citizens worldwide, bridging the gap between the physical and digital domains.

Trusted by Governments and Enterprises Worldwide

IDEMIA’s clientele includes hundreds of governments and thousands of enterprises across over 180 countries. Their solutions cater to mission-critical activities such as access control, identity, payments, public security, and travel, ensuring total security and scalability for their clients.

Expertise in Biometrics, Cryptography, Systems, Analytics, and Smart Devices

IDEMIA is a trailblazer in biometric identification and authentication, using AI and deep learning algorithms to enhance performance and fairness. They also excel in cryptography, safeguarding personal credentials and data integrity. Their expertise extends to designing tailored systems, leveraging analytics for fraud detection and risk assessment, and creating advanced smart devices for frictionless and secure biometric access control and identity verification. With over 60 years of experience and numerous patents, IDEMIA is a trusted partner, continuously innovating to shape a secure and interconnected future.

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