Suprema Biometric Devices

Established in 2000, Suprema is a global leader in access control, time & attendance, and biometric solutions. With a strong commitment to innovation and continuous technological advancements, the company has become a proven leader in the security industry, introducing groundbreaking products over the last decades.

A Leading Global Provider of Cutting-Edge Security Solutions

Since its establishment in 2000, Suprema has emerged as a renowned leader in access control, time & attendance, and biometric solutions. Their success stems from the fusion of world-renowned biometric algorithms with superior engineering, resulting in groundbreaking products that have shaped the security industry. Their extensive portfolio includes biometric access control systems, time & attendance solutions, fingerprint live scanners, mobile authentication solutions, and embedded fingerprint modules, catering to a wide range of security needs.

Industry Recognition and Global Presence

Suprema’s commitment to excellence has been acknowledged with numerous accolades, including being recognized as one of the top 50 security manufacturers worldwide for 12 consecutive years (2011-2022, A&S International). Additionally, they have achieved the number one market share in biometric access control in the EMEA region. Operating in over 140 countries, Suprema’s technologies are widely utilized in national identification projects and installations, serving an impressive user base of over 1 billion individuals.

Trust Beyond Security: Unparalleled Innovation and Quality

At the core of Suprema’s brand essence is “Trust Beyond Security.” The company has earned the unwavering trust of its customers through continuous innovation and the delivery of reliable, high-performing biometric solutions. With expertise in facial authentication and fingerprint recognition technologies, Suprema holds more than 100 industry patents and intellectual properties. Their strong emphasis on innovation, along with an A+ financial stability rating, ensures that their solutions meet the highest industry standards, cementing their position as an industry pioneer. As an end-to-end solution provider, Suprema offers a comprehensive range of products and services, including access control, time & attendance solutions, mobile credentials, software platforms, and network peripherals, catering to a diverse global customer base.

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