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About Us - The BioSyn History

Welcome to the BioSyn About Us page! We are a dedicated group of software and technical professionals here to assist you every step of the way. Our goal is to make your sign up and set up process as smooth as possible. If you experience any issues along the way, our team is always available to help. With expertise in the latest technology, we are committed to providing the highest level of support.

About Us

About Us

The BioSyn History

BioSyn, originally called NAKO, was started in 2006 by a company called GTAF Consulting. Initially using Excel documents for time and attendance. GTAF approached our development company in 2010 and we started to develop NAKO version 1, for Desktop.

In 2017 we acquired NAKO from our client and started to convert it into what you know today as BioSyn, the web-based version. With a track record of over 15 years, BioSyn is an exceptionally powerful time and attendance system that caters for both the smallest of companies, and the largest

About Us


To empower BioSyn users and stakeholders through the implementation of technology at the cutting edge, driven by passionate people dedicated to the greatest of experiences.

About Us
About Us

About Us


To expand and solidify our position as a top biometric solutions provider in South Africa and Africa. BioSyn aims to implement new and improved biometric and workforce management features consistently and effectively. Furthermore constantly strive to improve the level of service delivery to all our clients.

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About Us

Core Values

Expand through innovation.
Prioritise and focus on our client.
Improve through working passionately together.
Ask, and to learn.
Maintain integrity through honesty.
To work diligently daily, and have fun doing so.
Respect and honour our peers.
To believe that everything can be done better.
That knowledge shared, is power gained.
Our responsibility reaches much further than those closest to us.

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We are proud to be associated with each of our clients!

Our client base ranges from small to large enterprises. BioSyn TIme and Attendance is perfect for businesses of all sizes