Biometric Access Control - Level 1

Biometric access control explained

Selecting a system that works for you

Biometric Access Control: What are they and how do they operate? By utilizing an individual’s distinctive physical traits, these systems grant access to specific buildings or rooms that have been pre-determined. A functional system requires specialized hardware and software components.

Biometric Access Control
Biometric Access Control

Understanding the need for a biometric access control system

Lets begin by introducing you to the technology

You need to be in the know when selecting a system for your company. It is a very important decision and we understand that. This decision will directly impact your savings in time and money and great consideration must be put into the endeavour.
Functionality, ease-of-use, the number of users and how well the system works are some considerations to make when selecting your system.
There are various forms of biometric identification technologies. Fingerprint/Facial recognition are only some of the systems used to enforce accountability and discipline within your organization.

The importance of successfully integrating biometric access control systems into your current organizational structure cannot be overstated.

The benefits are endless and will allow you to increase workplace security, improve convenience for employees and guarantee lowered costs in the future.

How biometric access control systems can work for you

These are just a few benefits of investing in the system.

1. Easier access and exits for employees.

2. No need for traditional locks and keys.

3. Keeps track of who enters and exits the building.

4. Creates a safe working environment and protects against theft.

5. Protection against unwanted visitors and data breaches.

Biometric Access Control
Biometric Access Pros and Cons

There are always advantages and disadvantages

Lets take a look at the Pros and Cons


  1. The technology is very easy to use and safe.
  2. Most people are already familiar with the technology
  3. These measures are stable. Able to Identify people even with small variations.
  4. Protection measures make it very difficult to forge information.


  1. Issues with identifying distinct characteristics of individuals.
  2. Setup and maintenance can become expensive.
  3. Integration can become an issue because of complexities.

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