Mobile Clocking

Track and monitor your employees using mobile clocking

Mobile Clocking - Remotely, anywhere, anytime.
The BioSyn Mobile App – Giving you peace of mind

The Power of Mobile Clocking

Want the power of mobile clocking in on various sites without T&A scanners? We give you that power with the BioSyn mobile app coupled with geolocation capabilities. Ranging from on-site workers to regional managers, they now have the ability to clock in from their mobile phone when within a radius provided by you.

Put the control back in the people’s palm – Building trust between employer and employee.

BioSyn is available on the iStore, Play Store and Huawei Store.

Mobile Clocking
Mobile Clocking
Take your mobile app even further

Rise to the next level with reports

We now step towards the true power of the BioSyn system – reports. Take your productivity and business to the next level with the ability to draw visit reports for your mobile clockings.

Observe the cracks while they form and address them long before they become disastrous to your business. Provide your management and employees with the tools to better themselves. There is no hiding from BioSyn reports – we urge you to use this power with great responsibility.

Simplicity Is Key

Mobile clocking has never been easier

The BioSyn mobile app features a simple to use dashboard and clear indicators of the last clock made by the employee. Users have access to their clock histories for their convenience. 

Offline Clocking The Biosyn Mobile App allows for offline saving of geolocations and Time & Attendance data that can be uploaded to our servers when a data connection is established or data has been uploaded on the device.

We do however recommend clocking on a device with a data connection or available WiFi.
Life is always better with data.

Mobile Clocking
You get to clock in, everyone gets to clock in!

Comprehensive remote clocking ability

The app is comprehensively set up to keep our client’s needs in mind, including a login for the individual employee and a supervisor login option in order for management to select multiple employees to clock in or out in bulk. Saving you time and giving peace of mind that your employees are on post.

Take back control with BioSyn