Export To Payroll

Export to payroll, the final destination of time and attendance systems.

4. Export To Payroll

Standard exporting features

Export to Payroll

Exporting to payroll is included in our LITE, PRO and ENTERPRISE packages (not available in our FREE package). This includes all standard export features.

Enjoy our Export Overview screen to monitor the status of batches. Especially useful if you have multiple batches or companies registered on your system.

Exporting is available to various payroll systems such as Sage, Pastel, PaySpace, PSIber, SimplePay, and many more.

Interested in know more about integration? Read about direct vs indirect integration here.

Payroll Integration
Export to Payroll

Advanced features for the pro

Export Data Management

Our export features include the option to manually override values (with a full audit trail kept). FiF – Find it Fast! Which shows you how the system calculated values and implemented rules. You can also approve and unlock data per department.

The system also displays progress with various departments. Warnings (exceptions) are displayed per batch and per employee to ensure no stone is left unturned. Once a department has been approved, data gets locked to prevent changes after the payroll period.

The security side of batches

Access control and audit trails

A full audit trail is kept of all changes, approvals or unlocking of departments and data. This ensures complete tracking of activities performed by each users with access to the batches.

Access can be granted on multiple levels. Including which departments a user has access to and whether they can view and approve. This ensures optimal data integrity within each department or sector.

Export to Payroll
shift start end times spreadsheet

Auditing and verification

Export Auditing

BioSyn allows users to run comparative audits between reports and export batches (payroll runs). These audits will highlight any inconsistencies between reports and final payroll data.

This gives you the peace of mind that data integrity is maintained across all batches. Additional reports are available for a more in-depth audit of exports and values.