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Free Time and Attendance for up to 10 employees today!

BioSyn FREE Introduction

BioSyn FREE Time and Attendance

Are you searching for a free time and attendance software system? Great news! BioSyn is now FREE for companies with 10 or fewer employees. With limited features and reports, BioSyn FREE allows you to monitor and pay your employees using a world-class time and attendance solution! Please note that export to payroll capabilities is excluded.

Link your existing ZK Teco devices with BioSyn or install a new ZK Teco clock device. Alternatively, use our smartphone mobile application to have your employees start clocking in! Take a look at some of the features available in BioSyn FREE.

Free Time and Attendance
Free Time and Attendance

What is included?

FREE Time and Attendance Reports & Statistics

You’ll gain access to all the standard BioSyn reports, including:

  • Standard Employee Report (breakdown)
  • Employee Summary Report
  • Attendance Register (daily or summary)
  • Latecomers Report
  • Leave Transaction Report
  • Leave Summary
  • Company Overview

For hundreds of additional reports, check out our features comparison in LITE, PRO, and ENTERPRISE versions.

Hardware selection

Integrate with biometric devices or utilize mobile clocking

To sign up for BioSyn, you must either have an existing ZK Teco device, be willing to purchase one, or utilize our Mobile Clock Application. BioSyn seamlessly integrates with nearly all ZK Teco devices. Contact us if you’re unsure about your device or if you’re interested in acquiring a new one.

Alternatively, make use of our mobile clock application to have your employees clock in using their smartphones. The BioSyn Mobile app is available on all Apple and Android devices.

Free Time and Attendance
Free time and attendance

Where to start…

What should I do if I am interested in the BioSyn time and attendance system?

If you’re interested in using BioSyn FREE, you can sign up via the Software Packages page or contact us to arrange for a consultation.

Make sure to review the Terms & Conditions for BioSyn FREE before making your decision!