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BioSyn, your first step to Time and Attendance independence

Clocking Systems - Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Solution

Allow us to assist you in your search for the ideal Time and Attendance solution!

If you’ve previously worked withClocking Systems – Let’s get started! you might already have a sense of what you need. However, it’s not always that straightforward. Have you ever encountered frustrations with your previous provider? Were you left to handle half of the time and attendance calculations yourself?

The good news is, there are options available to help you; you just need to know where to begin. Let BioSyn guide you in making the right decision. We are here to offer advice tailored to your specific needs, rather than pushing our own agenda.

We’re committed to assisting you, even if BioSyn turns out not to be the right fit for your requirements. Our skilled consultants can analyze your needs and recommend suitable solutions. If you have more experience in this area, you can follow one of the paths below to access further information.

Clocking Systems
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I’m totally new! HELP!

Please show me everything I need to know about Time and Attendance from A to Z. This is the first time I am purchasing a clocking system.



I’ve worked with clocking systems before and know how they work. Please tell me what makes BioSyn Time & Attendance different?


Clocking System Expert

I know what I want, both on the Time and Attendance software and hardware side. Please show me the finer details and Clocking Systems – Let’s get started!

Mobile Clocking and Other Modules

Alternatively, go directly to any of the three sections below. Have a look at the power of BioSyn, all your options on Hardware and Turnstile selection, as well as some extra features such as mobile clocking.

Clocking System

The Power of BioSyn

The right Time and Attendance system will make your payroll days a breeze. The BioSyn team can offer the perfect solution for your Time and Attendance needs. Get to know BioSyn and all the features a lot better.

Clocking System2

Devices, Access control & Turnstiles

The biometric industry has experienced tremendous innovations and improvements the last few years due to Covid. Browse around and have a look at all the devices and access control options you have available, such as turnstiles.

Time and attendance solutions

Mobile Clocking & Other Modules

Explore various of the advanced modules available in BioSyn, such as our mobile clocking application, the workforce management module, custom development options, and much more.