Payroll Integration & Time and Attendance

Before continuing with payroll integration, make sure to understand the difference between direct and indirect integration here. Once you’ve completed reading the article, continue to explore your various integration options.

Lets get you going with payroll integration...

Integrating payroll, the final destination

When looking for a time and attendance system, integration with your payroll solution is your primary objective. Stronger integration will save your payroll personnel a lot more time and reduce manual entry mistakes to potentially zero.

Payroll Integration
Payroll Integration

Payroll Integration - Type of integration

Selecting the correct integration type

BioSyn includes indirect integration (export/import) with various payroll solutions. Direct integration has also been completed for a few systems. The preferred method for integration is direct integration.

Available integrations

Which payroll systems can BioSyn integrate with?

BioSyn includes standard export functionality in both XLS and CSV format Additional formats are available based on individual or unique payroll system import requirements. This includes export versions for system such as VIP Classis, VIP Premier, VIP People, Pastel, PaySpace, SimplePay,  Symplexity, Harverster, and many more.

If BioSyn does not include the export format you require, we will gladly develop it and include it in our system.

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Payroll Integration

Direct integration

The ultimate payroll integration, direct

Data must be synchronised between multiple systems in the case of indirect integration (export/import). This means that if you add an employee in the one system, you must export to the second system, or manually add them in the second system.

In the case of indirect integration, data such as employees and leave will be immediately available in the second system when added  or modified in the first. This greatly reduces the amount of hours spent on data administration.

Direct integration in BioSyn currently includes direct integration with PaySpace and PSIber.