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The breakdown on selecting software

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Selecting Software - The time and attendance basics

Basic Time & Attendance Functionality

Selecting software, not just any software, but the correct kind, should be a great consideration. There are a few basic time and attendance features and functionalities that should be considered. This should include the ability to check your data and clock entries online via your laptop, cellphone or tablet. Transfer of data from your biometric devices should be automatic and not require you to do it manually.

You furthermore need the capability to modify data such as employees, employment histories and clock entries. View an audit trail of previously mentioned modification for record purposes. The ability to add or import leave so that the total hours for employees surmount to the correct totals every month.

Selecting Software

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Intermediate - Time and Attendance

Selecting Software - Reports & Statistics

In-depth, business sense reports & Statistics

There are a few reports that are essential for any clock system. These would include an employee report (breakdown), summary report, daily attendance- and latecomers report. For a small enterprise, these should be your minimum requirement.

If you are looking for a more business intelligent system, look for report and statistics that allows you to view a company-wide overview and allows you to dive into finer details per department or employee. Comparisons across towns, areas and types of departments would also be ideal.

Selecting Software - Shift rule automation

Manual Modifications – A NO-GO

The types shift rules and capabilities play a crucial role. In the end, it is important that you do not have to make any manual modifications in order to complete your monthly payroll run.

Some of the more advance shifts rules that you need to enquire about would be:

  • Shift splitting into Saturdays, Sundays and Paid Public Holidays?
  • The capability to handle different types of lunches (fixed lunch vs set lunch)
  • Automatic assigning of shifts (without a roster)
  • Capability to handle Paid Public Holidays?.
  • Shifts longer than 24 hours (e.g. drivers)

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Selecting Sofware - Exporting to payroll

The Final Destination

The final purpose of your clock system is to help automate your payroll process. This means that the more calculations are automated, the less time it would take you to complete your payroll, fewer mistakes would be made, and you will have time to focus more of your attention on more important matters.

To achieve this, your time and attendance provider should provide you with a suitable support contract to assist you with your monthly payroll runs. Make sure you are not left in the dark!