Time & Attendance Beginner

Time and Attendance Beginner - Align Your Budget

Time and Attendance Beginner

Your Current Management Style

Determine Your Level of Savings

Are you currently a Time and Attendance Beginner? You could potentially save anything from 5% on your current salaries (or productivity), depending on the level of access control you would like to implement. The higher level of access control you want to implement, the more costly it will become, but the more ‘time’ or productivity you can save.

Your implementation can also have an effect on your company culture and time and attendance policies. Do careful planning of your access control implementation, to ensure optimal efficiency and budget usage.

Biometric Access Control

Biometric Verification Method

Fingerprint, Facial & Palm Recognition

Biometric recognition devices have been improved dramatically. Ensuring a wider range of possibilities for you to choose from. Different types of devices are suited for different applications and environments.

Fingerprint recognition is often cheaper, but can give difficulties with employees working with their hands daily. Facial and Palm recognition is touchless, which is ideal because of COVID-19. But can sometimes be a bit more pricy.

Facial Recognition – Do’s and Don’ts

Important Facial Recognition Tips

While biometric facial recognition is often preferred above fingerprint recognition because it is “touchless”, there are a few important factors to keep in mind.

Visible Light Devices either requires visible light or not. When it requires visible light, the lighting around the facial recognition device must be consistent. Factors such as sun shining from behind could cause facial recognition to fail. This means that placing a visible light facial recognition device outside is highly ill-advised.

Non-visible light devices can function outdoors. These devices are often more expensive, but can cater for a much wider range of environments.

Time and Attendance Beginner

Time and Attendance Beginner - Software Solution

Selecting The Right Time & Attendance System

Biometric devices alone will not pay salaries. You need a time and attendance software solution that can communicate with the devices. Calculate salaries and automate as much as is possible of your payroll process.

Different companies price their software solutions differently. But cheaper solutions could cost you more time in the end. When selecting a provider, make sure that their time and attendance solution caters for all your needs.