White Label

Why sign up for a Time & Attendance White Label solution?

Start or expand your business

Time & Attendance White Label

The advantages of white labeling

Our Time & Attendance White Label option offers a comprehensive business solution that provides a “business in a box” opportunity. With the ability to rebrand all our products as your own, you can expand your business with minimal risk. Additionally, whether you are starting a new time and attendance business or simply looking to add a new product to your existing offerings, our white label option offers an exceptional opportunity to generate a consistent passive income each month.

Furthermore, to better understand the concept of white labeling, we encourage you to delve deeper by exploring additional information.

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Time & Attendance White Label

Time & Attendance White Label - BioSyn range of products

Claim our strong range of products as your own

The BioSyn infrastructure is a valuable asset to any business due to its vast range of capabilities. As a white label partner, you are privy to our back-end support services, making it effortless to manage your teams.

Moreover, as a white label partner, you have the advantage of offering our time and attendance system, mobile clocking application, and other workforce management solutions as part of your product offering. These solutions can be rebranded to your own, giving you the freedom to set your own pricing and markups. This presents a fantastic opportunity to generate a lucrative monthly income and expand your business with reduced risk.


Agents and Resellers vs White Labeling

A program that goes beyond reselling

As a white label partner with BioSyn, the BioSyn branding is removed from our products, enabling you to promote the system as your own. By reselling our products under your brand, you have the chance to bolster the strength of your brand.

Moreover, being a white label partner presents you with the possibility of earning a higher monthly recurring income by offering support contracts directly to your clients. Although this approach carries some risk, the potential rewards are substantial. This presents a further opportunity to grow your business and augment your monthly income.


Time & Attendance White Label

Time & Attendance White Label - Signing up

Become a time and attendance white label partner

There are several benefits to private labeling. The first decision to make is to determine the extent of involvement you would like to have in supplying the product and services. It’s important to note that with greater reward comes greater risk.

If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities of private labeling for your business, we encourage you to reach out to our friendly representatives. They will be happy to discuss the options available to you and help you find the best solution for your needs.

Time & Attendance White Label Benefits

The advantages of signing up to our White Label program are endless

By becoming a white label partner, you can earn a higher monthly recurring income by directly offering support contracts to clients. However, before embarking on this approach, consider the following potential rewards:

  • Enhance your revenue: By directly offering support contracts to clients, you can increase your revenue in comparison to just selling products without support.

  • Strengthen customer relationships: The direct interaction you have with clients through support contracts enables you to establish stronger relationships with them.

  • Achieve control over pricing: By directly offering support contracts, you have the power to control pricing, potentially leading to higher profit margins.

  • Distinguish yourself from competitors: Offering direct support contracts sets you apart from others in the industry and boosts customer loyalty.

While the benefits of offering direct support contracts to clients are substantial, it’s important to carefully consider the potential risks and make sure you’re ready to handle the challenges that come with providing support.