Access Control – Levels Summary

Lets take a look at a summary of access control

Access Control Levels Summary

Welcome to the Access Control Levels Summary where we will recap some of the most important information we have gone through concerning access control systems and their advantages, disadvantages and functions. Understanding access control systems is the first step in the process to realizing comprehensive organizational security.

Access Control Levels Summary - Understanding access control systems

  1. Access control systems make use of various hardware units and techniques to limit or grant access to locations, buildings or offices.
  2. proper implementation of access limitations can yield results between 5% – 15% savings on time or productivity, sometimes even more.
  3. Different hardware combinations can also be utilized to increase savings within your organization.
Access Control - Levels Summary
Access Control - Levels Summary

Biometric Access Control - Selecting a system that works for you

  1. There are various forms of biometric identification technologies. Fingerprint/Facial recognition are only some of the systems used to enforce accountability and discipline within your organization.
  2. Easier access and exits for employees.

    No need for traditional locks and keys.

    Keeps track of who enters and exits the building.

    Creates a safe working environment and protects against theft.

    Protection against unwanted visitors and data breaches.

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Access Control Levels Summary - Understanding a need for a new perspective

  1. Understanding access control systems and implementing them within your organization properly offers you another level of security and reduces the risk of unauthorized access.
  2. The potential to save money is endless. You no longer need security guards and now the accurate identification and verification of visitors and employees is possible. 
  3. Gain valuable insight and data into who enters and exits your premises. Improved organizational effectiveness.
  4. Real-time protection against unwanted visitors attempting to unlawfully enter your premises.  
Access Control - Levels Summary
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Access Control - Levels Summary

Access Control South Africa - A look at the access control landscape

  1.  Access Control Systems are developing daily and new advanced technologies are being integrated into South African industries across the board. Integrating and upgrading is the name of the game.
  2. By switching from manual access control to biometric access control, not only do you improve productivity and prevent employee fraud, you also increase workplace efficiency and prevent payroll errors.

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Biometric Turnstile - Taking access control to the next level

  1. Biometric turnstiles take the traditional non-intelligent systems to the next level by adding biotechnology identifiers into the systems. 
  2. Fingerprint recognition technology replaces the traditional lock and key methods with advanced biometric identification. This method of identification adds a higher degree of reliability and verification becomes a breeze.
  3. Compared to conventional turnstiles, facial recognition systems provide a real-time authentication process with higher effectiveness and accurate identification. 

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Turnstile Access Control - Optimize your savings with turnstiles

  1. Integrating turnstile technology within your current or planned access systems will make them even more effective. Turnstile technology is always developing and superior access control is possible for your company.
  2. Unlike traditional access control methods like lock and key combinations, turnstiles offer an added level of security, verification and access control.
  3. Main types of  Turnstile: Optical, Waist Height and Full Height.
  4. Turnstiles enhance the organizational entry process and allow much higher numbers of employees or guests to enter facilities more effectively.

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