Turnstiles (Access Control)

Biometric Turnstiles

Turnstiles are an essential aspect of access control, providing secure, organized and efficient means of controlling the flow of people in and out of facilities such as buildings, stadiums, and public transportation. Access control devices come in various technologies, including full-height devices, waist-high devices, maglocks, and more. A full-height turnstile is ideal for high-security applications where a higher level of security is required, while waist-high turnstiles are commonly used in medium-security applications.

Maglocks are electromagnets that are used to lock and unlock a turnstile and provide additional security when used in conjunction with other access control devices. The use of turnstiles has many advantages, including reducing the possibility of tailgating, controlling the flow of people, providing a secure and organized means of accessing facilities, and enhancing the overall security of the facility. They also help to reduce the need for security personnel and allow for efficient crowd management during peak periods.