Time & Attendance Features

BioSyn Time & Attendance

2. BioSyn Standard Features

Time & Attendance Features - Let’s start at the beginning

Your Dashboard

Let’s begin by exploring the various Time & Attendance features that BioSyn offers. Our software provides a standardized dashboard that displays daily information about your employees. Additionally, BioSyn allows you to monitor the connectivity status of all your devices, ensuring that data is readily available close to payroll dates.

For our Pro and Enterprise clients, we offer custom development options. Easily track recent clock-ins and outs, as well as the status of employees who are absent from work or on leave.

Time & Attendance Features
Time & Attendance Features

Time & Attendance Features - daily/weekly clock entry management

Managing clock entries in BioSyn

The clock management or time entry screen enables users to efficiently manage entries on a daily basis. We use color coding to make it easy to distinguish between different types of entries. You can override automatic shifts when necessary or use rostering to allocate shifts.

We also offer bulk entry management, which includes the ability to add clock entries and leave transactions in bulk for multiple departments and employees across various dates.

Time & Attendance Features - Your time and attendance policy

Managing Warnings/Exceptions

BioSyn’s Time & Attendance Wellness Module offers a unique overview of your company, its departments, and employees. This module shifts away from the negative policing stigma associated with time & attendance, enabling a more positive approach.

With our Wellness Module, you can take a proactive approach to employee time and attendance. Monitor your company and departments from a unique perspective and identify potential issues in advance, preventing them from becoming significant problems.

Time & Attendance Features

Time & Attendance Features - User access management

Control access on multiple levels

BioSyn provides multiple levels of access control, ensuring that users can only access the pages and data they are authorized to view. This results in a reduced menu for users, promoting data security.

Our Export Module allows you to set various levels of time approval, empowering you to distribute accountability for the approval of monthly time values across multiple departments and users, should you choose to do so.

Explore BioSyn’s Time & Attendance features to streamline your workforce management efficiently.