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Software and Hardware combinaiton

Intermediate - Hardware Selection for the intermediate

Intermediate - Choose the appropriate hardware

On the intermediate level the choice of hardware configuration could influence your price greatly. If you have existing hardware, make sure your hardware can integrate with your potential supplier. Also choose whether it is worth it to upgrade to facial or palm recognition if you are using cards or fingerprint recognition.

BioSyn integrates with ZK Teco and selective Suprema devices. Our preferred supplier, ZK Teco, has a wide range of device selections, including card, fingerprint, facial and palm recognition..

Learn more about ZKTeco solutions below

Payroll Integration

Feature considerations for the intermediate

Selecting the right software package

Your experience with your current or previous systems should guide your choice with your next clock system. Always remember that all calculations should be automated. Manual modifications should not be necessary.

Always request a demonstration of the new software system you are considering. And have a list of questions ready with regards to the previous frustrations and problems you experienced.

Reports, Statistics and Integrations

The in-depth strength of your new system

Next make sure that your new system can provide you with usable, business-sensible data, reports and statistics. Go beyond monitoring your employees and utilize your time & attendance system to increase productivity.

Your new system should be able to provide you with comparative data, analyzing departments and employees, and directing your attention to areas that require the most attention.


Intermediate - Time and Attendance
service quality satisfaction

Service, service, service

The sensitivity of Payroll and support

And finally, keep in mind that your payroll period is a exceptionally sensitive period, and therefore, the systems that are used too. Ensure optimal support from your time & attendance provider.

The accountability for changing sensitive data such as shifts and required hours should be clearly outlined with a clearly set communication channel.