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Clock System Expert - Time and attendance savings levels

Understanding multiple levels of savings

At this rate you will be a Clock System Expert in no time. Time and attendance companies often inform you of 5%-15% you can save by implementing time and attendance. It is important to understand how to achieve these levels, and to decide which one you want to aim for.

Browse through our information pages on how we approach the different levels of potential savings, and identify the levels that best suites your needs and budget.

Clock System Expert

Clock System Expert - Key BioSyn Features

A range of features to choose from

BioSyn Time and Attendance comes in various packages that gives you a choice of a wide range of feature options. Our FREE option is ideal for small companies and for those that want to test our system. LITE is aimed at startups, small and medium companies. Finally, our PRO and ENTERPRISE packages are for companies that really want to maximize their savings.

Have a look at our software package feature comparison to see what BioSyn is capable of, and which packages would interest you.

Clock System Expert - Introduction the TAC

Time and Attendance Champion (TAC)

We recommend that our larger, corporate clients appoint a Time and Attendance Champion to take primary accountability for the Time and Attendance system.

The TAC is responsible for coordinating your time and attendance activities within your company, and to communicate additions and changes through to your clock system supplier.

Clock System Expert

High-end support service

BioSyn expert-level support and consulting

Our team of highly dedicated consultants and experts don’t just stand by, we are passionate about making a difference in your company.

Talk to us to arrange a consultation session in which we can look at your current setup and advise you according to your needs and budgetary constraints.