Time and Attendance

Innovative Time and Attendance Basics

Unlocking BioSyn's Clock System Capabilities

While BioSyn boasts many powerful clock system capabilities, it also caters to all your basic Time and Attendance needs. Whether you have been using a clock system for ages or if you are new, BioSyn will ensure you use your clock system capabilities to the maximum.

While our FREE time and attendance version caters to smaller companies, BioSyn Enterprise allows our corporate clients to install a self-hosted version of BioSyn on their intranet. Ensuring optimal control for their own IT departments.

Read more on the difficulty of finding a time and attendance system in South Africa here.

Innovative Time and Attendance
Innovative Time and Attendance
Your guide from the beginning

The BioSyn Clock System Support Mentality

Our Innovative system is only as good as our support and ability to train you. While we provide in-depth training to our clients, BioSyn has been developed keeping in mind that you, our client, have limited time available on your hands. BioSyn is therefore easy to use and very intuitive.

BioSyn furthermore boasts in-system help videos and articles, ensuring you have help available at your fingertips. In-system support tickets are also available. We will be guiding you from beginning to end.

Successful implementation of a clock system directly impacts the success of your payroll. Make sure you are protected by strong backing from your provider.

BioSyn unique functionality

Time and Attendance Wellness Module

Our Time and Attendance Wellness Module gives you a unique overview over your company, departments and employees. It attempts to break the negative policing stigma frequently linked to time and attendance by focussing on a more positive approach to identifying problem areas in your organization.

Our Wellness Module allows our clients to become pro-active with the time and attendance of their employees. With us you can monitor your company and departments from a unique perspective and identify departments where potential problems may arrise long before they become an issue.

Innovative Time and Attendance
Time and Attendance
A Demonstration

The best way to experience our Innovative Time and Attendance clock system

While a lot of our features and functionality is available here on the website, the best way to experience BioSyn is to arrange for a demonstration.

Export or integrate with your favorite payroll systems such as Sage (VIP), PaySpace, Pastel, SimplePay, PSIber, and many more!

Feel free to contact one of our friendly representatives to arrange for an online demonstration of the capabilities of BioSyn. Whether you are looking for a clock system in South Africa, or anywhere in the world, BioSyn can definitely help you.